I am working on an application needs audio recording feature. It is
something like we record our voice through microphone and we want to
store the output in MP3 format. So we decided to use Flash communication
server. As we thought that is the only way in flash through which we can
do audio recording.

Is there any other way in flash, which can provide audio recording?

In case if it is the only way, then it saves it in a flv format. How
do we get it in mp3 format?

I saw so many flv encoders. But flv audio format used by Flash
communication server seems to use Nellymoser codec. Nellymoser is a
proprietary codec. So we could not get a clear picture about that flv
format. We could not use those encoders also. But we need the output in
MP3 format.

I went through so many mail threads. Many people are looking for this

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Do you provide any tools or support for this? Is there anyway through
which we can convert flv into MP3.
or Can we get the format(or license) of that flv(or nellymoser) which
can help us to convert it into MP3?


I have created a google page to describe this problem:


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