Hi, I am trying to use XA driver ( two phase commit) in my app server but getti ng "Unable to get a XAConnection from the DataSource. exception" exception: c740c74 FreePool E J2CA0046E: Method createManagedConnctionWithMCWrappe r caught an exception during creation of the ManagedConnection for resource jdbc/TeraSolve_SQL, throwing ResourceAllocationException. Original exceptio n: DSRA8100E: Unable to get a XAConnection from the DataSource. which followed by "Could not find stored procedure 'master..xp_jdbc_open'." exception : [5/26/04 13:55:56:899 NZST] c740c74 SystemErr R com.dss.server.DSSException: [IBM][SQLServer JD BC Driver][SQLServer]Could not find stored procedure 'master..xp_jdbc_open'. I am new to this stuff and would appreciate any help to fix this problem.
I suspect that the zip/jar you're getting your driver from doesn't support XA - or your database server does not. That will have to be fixed.
And how would I know what I am missing? What is the required jar ? I am using "WebSphere embedded ConnectJDBC driver for MS SQL Server (XA)" that shipped with WebSphere and it uses sqlserver.jar,base.jar,util.jar and spy.jar.
You'll need to find an XA-compliant driver for SQLServer.