best nagios alternatives

Nagios is a great network monitoring tool and is widely known in the network monitoring & management sphere. It does almost everything you could possibly hope for in the network monitoring space.

Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to take a look around every once in a while, to see what the competition has to offer – especially if your looking for a less complicated solution to configure and manage!

In our round up we will see just what it takes to compete in today’s market and what these other solutions have to offer.

We will be looking at Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and ManageEngine OPManager, as well as PRTG.

On the opensource front we have Zabbix to analyze and see how it works as well. Let’s get started!

Here’s the Best Nagios Alternatives for Network Monitoring in 2021:

Solarwinds NPM – (Top Choice)

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a tool that makes the life of a network administrator much easier. It is able to monitor and alert you about any issues or problems on your network, with very little delay. You are able to monitor many different objects and sources such as applications, services, VPN tunnels, and much more.

It features Network Availability Monitoring, Critical Path Visualization, Intelligent Mapping, Performance Analysis and Advanced Alerting. This means that you can configure it and set it up to match your requirements. For instance, you can configure it as a Cisco Network Monitoring Tool.

This will give you the ability to monitor and analyze faults, availability and the performance of the Cisco device itself.

You can also use this application as a Cloud Server Monitor. Because of the remote nature of Cloud services and infrastructure it can be challenging to see if everything is running as it should be. For this reason, SolarWinds NPM allows you to Visualize the full network path of the device from the device itself all the way to its end point.

This is achieved with cloud monitoring by NetPath.

Other important features that this product offers includes Deep Packet inspection and analysis.

This allows you to gain greater knowledge about the current state of your network, as well as the state of traffic and data flow.

If you would like to try it out for yourself then you can find the details on how to download a free trial from here. All you need to do is give them your details and they will email you a link so that you can download and test it out for yourself.


If you would like to find out more about pricing options then be sure to check in with their online quotation service here. Learn more about their licensing model from here.


NPM is FREE To Download & Use for 30 Days, Click the Link below to get started!


SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds SAM is another epic product from this company. Server and Application Monitor is very similar to NPM but offers some extra features in a similar interface. It gives you the ability to monitor and keep tabs on your servers and the applications that are running on them. It gives you a wide array of templates that come out of the box ready to monitor common apps.

It also has support for over 200 different monitoring types. These include app servers, database servers and many other kinds of servers.

Another great feature is that SAM offers you the ability to monitor public and private networks with plenty of different tools. AppStack is an interactive mapping system that gives advanced visual representations of your environment. This makes it much easier to identify issues like performance and stability problems in servers.

AppInsights is another tool that monitors Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, IIS and SQL servers too. You can look at the key metrics of such servers which will allow you to manage and administer your server.

You can further enhance your SAM installation by adding capabilities and integrate it with additional Orion Platform applications.

You can add something like response time analysis so that you can see the root cause of failures and issues. Other capabilities include Cloud Monitoring and Application dependencies. If you want to try it out for yourself then you can download it from below!


Download 30 Day free Trial Today!


Server & Application Monitor is FREE To Download & Use for 30 Days, Click the Link below to get started!



ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager allows users to have visibility throughout all of their network infrastructure. This includes local devices on the network, wireless networks as well as WAN links. Peripherals like printers are also catered for via SNMP. OpManager also gives users the ability to   troubleshoot and manage devices as well as plan for the environment and also manage configurations.

Perhaps the most attractive modern feature that ManageEngine OpManager is its mobile monitoring app. It has been created for both Android and iOS, meaning that you can install it on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. From these mobile devices you can check the current status of your network as well as the devices that are connected to it. You can customize your dashboard so that only the most relevant details are available at a glance.

If you would like to try and download this for yourself then you can download the app from here for your computer.


Pricing is available from this link here.







PRTG gives you the ability to monitor all of your systems and devices like networks and computers, as well as any applications that are active within your environment. PRTG will allow you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure all from one application. Everything that you could possibly need comes with this software offering. Right out of the box PRTG gets to work and no plugins or additional downloads are required. PRTG is easy to use and has some potent features that make it much easier to understand the current state of your network.

PRTG allows you to monitor bandwidth usage and see who is using the most data and causing slow internet speeds. You can monitor database performance by keeping an eye on specific areas on the database itself. It comes with customized PRTG sensors for databases and SQL queries. Application monitoring is handled by PRTG’s application features which means you can monitor specific memory and CPU and memory usage. If you would like to download a free trial then click this link here.


Pricing starts at $1,750 for 500 sensors. For full pricing see this link here.






Zabbix is an enterprise grade software package that is designed to give you a better picture of your network. It collects metrics for all the devices on your network like devices and systems, as well as applications. Zabbix is designed to collect metrics about many different items within your network. It does this via SNMP and IPMI agents, and it uses an agentless system for monitoring user services.

Problem detection is taken care of via smart thresholds that you define for yourself. This means that you can decide which services need the highest priority response from you. This is important for most people because mission critical systems need to be prioritized above normal user devices, as an example.


Zabbix is free and open source, but there are costs for support.





We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite Nagios Alternatives. There are many other solutions out there, but we have chosen the best ones on the market in 2020 to help you decide which monitoring solution suits your needs the best.

There are many different things to consider when deciding which product will work best for you, which is why we went through the basics of each of these options.

There is nothing quite like a hands-on demo of a product to understand how it works, so why not try a few before you decide which is best for you when looking for a Nagios replacement!