Linux Tutorials, Guides & How-To’s!

This is our Repository of Linux guides, Tutorials and How-to’s. Many of what you will read in this category is based on issues and projects we’ve dealt with ourselves and needed a place to document our process to refer back to eventually.

If there are any topics that you would like us to cover, send us a message on our Contact Us page and we’ll happily get it in the queue immediately!

Show or List tables in a MySQL
touch command - full tutorial how to modify access time, modified time and created time on a file in linux
Bash Concatenate Strings
bash check if file exists tutorial
php file manager software and tools
ubuntu change hostname
wget tutorial and howto guide syntax
How to Set Environment Variables in Linux
configure proxy on ubuntu
Centos Configure Network Settings and Full Setup Tutorial
grep regex examples and tutorial
unzip linux files folders guide and tutorials
scp command tutorial
bash increment and decrement-variables
mysql list databases and tables commands and syntax
Grep Search Multiple Words or String Patterns
sed replace string in file using regex recursively
Recursive Grep Tutorial
bash read file line by line
linux shutdown command - Learn to halt, reboot and scheduled halts
chmod recursive
Linux Find File containing Text
bash functions - Learn about Declaration, Scope and Arguments
linux screen command tutorial and howto guide!
rsync exclude - tutorial and howto
ubuntu enable ssh - Learn how to Install, Enable & Configure Secure Shell Server
vim show line numbers
rsync how to transfer locally, remotely and synchronize
bash case statements
bash compare strings
How to troubleshoot SSH Connection Refused