php file manager software and tools

A good PHP File Management tool helps you manage your website via HTTPS instead of any third-party application or FTP tool.

It gives you the ability to create, upload, delete or rename files, organize them in folders and also change the user permissions of the file.

But with so many tools available on the market it can be hard to decide on the right one for your organization.

So, below we have listed some of the best PHP file manager tools that are responsive, allow creation of folders, support uploading of multiple files and have search option to fetch the files.

These are only some of the benefits of file managers, there are much more.

So let’s get started with the detailed description of each tool.

Some basic features to look for in a file manager:

  • Info of server
  • View of the thumbnail of images
  • Guest account as well as multiple user accounts
  • User-friendly interface that’s lightweight too
  • Ability work on both Linux and Windows
  • Facility of multiple uploads
  • Viewing of source code
  • Easy to navigate and directory tree
  • Downloading of compressed files using zip/tar/gzip/bzip
  • Basic features of file management like view/edit/create/delete/rename/move/copy/chmod folders and files
  • Exec/shell
  • Apache2/php5/php4 compatible

*Note: Some of the tools below are outdated and no longer supported, but we’ve listed them anyways to ensure we’ve covered as many as we could find online.

13 Best PHP File Manager Tools for Managing Web Servers:


FileVista is a web-based file manager used for managing, sharing and storing of files online through web browser.

Being a web-based software; it allows you to install it in your web server for meeting the web file management needs of your organization.

FileVista facilitates your users to organize, upload and download any kind of file with its user-friendly interface.



  • Share the files with your staff or clients on your website.
  • Get full control over your confidential files by storing them on your own server.
  • Allow your users to upload, access and organize the documents securely from any place through a single web browser.
  • Preview images, videos, audios and documents (more than 50 file formats that include MS Office and PDF).





It is an easy to use and powerful Ajax based file manager for the web browser.

Its intuitive interface can be quickly learned by any level of users, from beginners to advanced professionals.



  • File uploads are safe and secure with this php file manager.
  • It includes the complete source code required for server side integration.
  • Quick response without the need to refresh the page.
  • Lightweight interface that’s user-friendly too.
  • Better management of image thumbnails for quick find of things.
  • Tree navigation folders to make it easy to navigate.
  • Get complete control with the ability to create, delete and rename files and folders.



FileRun – Free file manager based on web

FileRun is a 100% PHP (web-based) file manager that helps you to manage the files that are stored on web server.

The only thing that a user needs to send and receive files is a browser. And FileRun offers the same through its user-friendly and innovative Ajax based interface.

It is nothing to download, so it’s easy to access the files and documents from any PC that has a standard browser and an Internet connection.



  • The Ajax interface is user-friendly.
  • Zip the folders on the fly to download them.
  • Upload the folders without the need to Unzip or Zip them.
  • Manage the already existing files in the file system without importing them.
  • Unlimited space size to upload files of any size. It overcomes the limitation of PHP upload issues.




PHPFileNavigator is a open-source, state of the art web application to manage your files and folders completely.

It offers some cool features for an easy, reliable and powerful web file management.

PHPFileNavigator is not only easy to install and configure but also it enables you to administrate your folders and files as easily as in your hard disk and that too with strong security access over the net.



  • Control of web access
  • Size control
  • Error and activity logs
  • Downloading of compressed directories and files
  • Extraction of files on the server
  • Facility of management of images
  • Uploading of document or web page
  • Indexation
  • The environment is safe to work on
  • Restriction on file types
  • Get complete administration
  • View directories in tree view
  • Files contain additional information



phpXplorer is a file management system that’s open-source and written in PHP.

It has a modular design with built on its own themes, file types, views and property sheets.

With phpXplorer you get the ability to work and access a remote file system by using a web browser.

It has dialogs for editing PHP, HTML, email files, image, compressed files and Apache. It allows you to create and edit files on your web server with a common browser.



  • Use a web browser to work on remote file system
  • Options to edit
  • Ability to manage permissions
  • It has modular designs
  • It offers system for multiple users
  • Editing dialogs for PHP, HTML etc.



PHP Navigator, written in AJAX and PHP has its own unique XP style of navigation.

Some of its key features are built in HTML, multi-user support, code editor, Deflate & Gzip webpage, and Zip Extract.

Moreover, this web based file management system is free to use.



  • The explorer style view and navigation is user-friendly and fully customizable.
  • DOM & AJAX for avoiding full page reload. The changes can be seen without the need to refresh the page.
  • It supports multiple users with the use of MySQL.
  • Built in Code editor and HTML editor
  • It gives a super fast data transfer speed through encoding of Deflate and Gzip web page.
  • Context menu on right click
  • Ability to download the folders or files in zip format
  • It has keyboard shortcuts offering easy usability to the users
  • It allows you to extract the zip archive in your current folder.
  • Get better management of images through Thumbnail view for png, jpg, jif, wbmp and bmp



It is a PHP based file browser that’s free to use and useful for the ‘dump’ folder that you have on your server.

If you upload files regularly on dump folder and want the ability to see what is in it then Filenice will come to use.



  • Source of the code can be viewed
  • Quickly and easily send to Flickr
  • Preview the details of the files
  • Search option
  • Ability to sort based on preference
  • Post comments on folders
  • Image slideshows that are folder specific and do not require reloading of pages.



eXtplorer is a free web-based file manager written in PHP and JavaScript.

Launched under dual-license, you get the option to choose to use eXplorer under GNU/GPL (General Public License) or MPL 1.1 (Mozilla Public License).

It’s PHP 4.3 compatible and the browser is updated and enabled to run Javascript.

One more interesting thing about eXtplorer is that you can use them for your local files as file manager or you can also use it for logging in to the FTP server.



  • Like FTP server, get the ability to browse the files and directories on the server.
  • Facility to download, upload and search files.
  • Copy, edit, delete and move (drag and drop) files from your server.
  • Create new directories and files.
  • Extract and create archives.



It is a free and web-based file manager that’s easy to install to manage the files remotely on a web server.

The ‘rich client’ layout as well as the actions of AjaXplorer makes it convenient for the end-users for various purposes like file sharing, file management, code browsing, photo gallery, etc.

It needs only PHP 5 or 4 and requires no database.



  • Copy/Download/Delete/Rename/Move files or folders.
  • You can empty files and create folders.
  • Facility to watch online the flash videos.
  • It supports full screen
  • Online browsing and extraction of Zip files.
  • No need to download the MP3; you can listen them online.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded and the status can be tracked through a progress bar (need flash and no https).
  • Facilitates online viewing of images, image preview from the list, and see diaporama of any folder.
  • Edit text and code files (PHP, Java, HTML, js, Perl, SQL); the editor highlights the syntax


Easy File Uploader

It is a feature-rich file management system that allows you to upload, delete and download the files.

Also, it allows creating multiple users by giving them access permission of different files.

The dashboard has a file option that shows all the uploaded files with their upload time, name, size, etc.



  • It displays the thumbnails automatically for all the uploaded image files.
  • You can upload multiple files at a time and view the process of upload in progress bar.
  • A file size of up to 256MB is supported.
  • The file uploader is easy to use with drag & drop option as well as browser files clicking options.
  • It has a responsive file manager that can be easily used to upload, delete, and download different types of file.


Server File Explorer

Server File Explorer is one of the best file manager script that’s written in PHP language.

Server File Explorer is responsive, simple to apply, offers easy search for files and folders, and provide displaying of all the files in different folders.

With the help of this PHP file explorer, uploading and downloading of multiple files will just be a task of a few clicks.



  • It has a simple dashboard to display file size, file name, file type and modification details.
  • In the dashboard, there is an easy search for searching the files and folders which makes the file search very easy.
  • It offers the functionality of file download with convenient file navigation between the sub folders.
  • All the plans of this file manager are backed with a well-documented support.



This PHP script helps you to upload files, create multiple folders, cut, copy and delete files and folders with ease.

It has an easy to deploy customizable interface and it offers a toolbar through which you can do the file management operations of different types.



  • It shows the name of the file/folder, size, creation date, icon as well as the date of update.
  • Easily delete the files and folders, also you can cut & copy operations.
  • It allows managing of various types of files and folders that are stored. Additionally, it also facilitates inline folder and file name editor.
  • With this PHP file manager script, you can store files by creating folders and upload single and multiple files easily.



Engine File Manager

If you are looking for a web based file manager to manage multiple files, folders and hyperlink then Engine File Manager script in PHP should be the one for you.

It offers hotkeys and two types of panels for controlling.

Additionally, there are many different types of customization’s available like changing the file style, icons and assigning hotkeys for some special function and much more.



  • You get the facility to upload multiple files together at once.
  • It is cross-browser supported for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE11, IE10 as well as Edge.
  • With this PHP script, you can create new folders, search, delete, download and upload files.
  • It offers various customization options for file type styling, hotkeys and icons. Plus, this file system can be controlled using the hotkeys that are there on the dashboard.



Hopefully the above information has helped you select the most relevant PHP script for file management – As you can see, some of them are outdated and not in use anymore, but for historical purposes, we’ve added them to this article.

If we’ve missed any or have overlooked a couple, please feel free to comment below and we’ll add them to the list if we see they fit the criteria!