Ilija Miljkovac is a software and cybersecurity expert specializing in network monitoring at webservertalk.com. Ilija has been writing since he was in high school, working with companies such as Global Voices, UpComer, and Citizens of Bitcoin. Since 2015, he’s been working as a network administration writer for various websites and companies. For a time, he dealt almost exclusively with ghostwriting and eBooks. Working for companies like The Urban Writers helped him get his foot through the door while he was still in university, getting his first degree in Computer Science. However, after landing his first position as a part-time writer at a tech firm, he never looked back. Even while working full-time Ilija was working on his 2nd degree in Philosophy. Always the geek, Ilija spends some of his time writing about D&D or Magic: The Gathering, while the rest is spent testing out and evaluating software and cybersecurity measures. Having spent most of his years immersed in the internet, Ilija developed a fascination with networks, leading to him specializing further in covering tools meant to help protect them against threats. He can often be found yapping at family gatherings about how just because his aunt doesn't tell people her WiFi password, that doesn't mean it isn't in need of protection. He’s best known for his in-depth approach and almost scientific analysis of software tools. Covering topics like database monitoring systems for enterprises much in the same way he covers methods you can check for packet loss at home.