As websites become more crucial for companies and end-users relying massively on the internet for everything under the sun, the need for website monitoring has grown even more critical.

Website & Network Monitoring tools search to see if your servers are working correctly and that all your web applications are up and running. If the website stops or simply acts in any way that is not expected, you will be cautioned through your email or cell phone via a website performance report.

Website evaluation reports can assist you to observe as well as track web performance (even from multiple geographical locations around the world).

Website monitoring provides businesses with fundamental data that can assist them to improve the general end-user experience on their website.

A decent web monitoring service will also present you with a documented account of errors or malfunctions. With a monitoring service maintaining an eye on your site every minute, you will be able to trace trends, look for patterns of failures and block them from happening again.

Using an internet provider that implements a methodical and meticulous process to control your website is one of the most essential means to ensure that it is functioning at an excellent level.

For example, you must be the first person to know if your website is undergoing downtime or crashes – not your online guests or clients. If your website is unavailable or malfunctioning, then there is a high likelihood that potential consumers will click the website of your competitor. Bad for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should be monitoring your websites:

Retain Your Customers

If your clients regularly access your website, you need unbroken uptime levels to guarantee that your customers are satisfied and are getting the information and/or help they want and need.

If a downtime concern is unsolved for a lengthy duration, then odds are your clients may transfer to one of your rivals.

Continue Getting Sales or Leads

Of course, by retaining your customers, you don’t have to worry about losing any revenue; or at least internet traffic to your website. You can’t stress it enough, website uptime is essential to online markets and online services. Repeated downtime problems can lead to lost business and missed leads.

SEO Rankings

This might be another reading material altogether but simply put if you want people to find your business, your SEO (search engine optimization) should be top-notch.

Google, the number one search engine on the planet, is very stringent on SEO rules. If your website develops persistent downtime problems for more than a couple of days, then Google can impose severe ranking punishments in its search results.

The search rankings of your web pages are greatly impacted by the downtime and the activity of your website.

Look Sharp

A reputation as a professional is critical and is largely dependent on the level of customer fulfillment. Recurrent downtime issues can endanger the character of your online company in the real world. Watching your website is the best means to counter these unwanted risks and preserve the perception of your business.

Website Monitoring Is Critical

Commonly referred to as website monitoring, this type of service should be able to check and verify that end users can interact with the various locations on the website and that its functions are responding just as they are expected to.

The website monitoring tool should be very good at alerting or notifying you with sudden and unexpected glitches. The warnings can aid you to acknowledge and settle the problem in the most expeditious time feasible.

As stated earlier, almost all of the web monitoring companies will even give you the choice to have text messages sent to your smartphone in case your site is down, or just about any notification you want. This is so useful for those occasions when you are already out of the office or watching TV with the family.

Currently, there are more than 100 different website monitoring services available for you to choose from. They range from free to freemium to paid services.

With such a huge level of competition, a lot of website monitoring services offer basic free website monitoring. They don’t offer as much service as the paid ones but they are usually adequate for the small-time businesses. Even most of the paid services offer a full-service trial period for you to see if you need their bells and whistles.

Larger companies, however, particularly those that feature on-site activities like POS and inventories are better off with professional-level monitoring to remain relevant.

Time is money! This is especially true if you run an online business or even just advertising and promoting your products and services. Web performance and webpage-health monitoring tools automatically observe your website and make sure everything is running smoothly.