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I have my Sygate Personal Firewall set to ask me if Generic Host Processes tries to connect to the Internet. Yesterday it prompted me that
mil is trying to connect to Generic Host Processes.

Now, I don’t work for the military or anything like that. I denied the request. A few minutes later it asked again. I did a Whois lookup on and came up with
Host unreachable –

Headquarters, USAAISC
Ft Huachuca
United States

Cartagena, Lina
Bates, Joan


Created: 1990-03-26
Updated: 2004-03-11

I called the “800” number on this and a guy answered “I.T.”. I told him of
the issue that I experienced and all he said was: “that IP is part of our proxy range and our RC guys might have hit a proxy box.” “IT is nothing to worry about okay sir?”

I this goofy or what? I did some research and Ft Huachuca is the head of Army intelligence and also has a huge IT branch. I also found a site that Lockheed Martin is involved with an Electronic warfare program at Ft Hauchuca:

I’m a pretty straight and narrow guy. I mainly google search for school and check my e-mail. What does this mean?