[Warning: Uncensored and not entirely though through response follows.I have not, nor do I plan to waste my time reading anything Gartnerpublishes.]

These are the same people that, every time an IIS vuln hits the wire,puts out a "report" that indicates that companies would be saferimmediately switching to another platform, running another web server.Like someone who can't secure a Windows box can secure a Linux farm.And because the risk analysis required for an organization to switchplatforms overnight is fast and/or easy. And because making knee-jerktechnical decisions like this is a good idea. And so on...

Anyone foolish enough to read anything that Gartner releases and take itwithout a number of very large grains of salt should, by all means, stopusing Snort and immediately purchase and deploy whatever product Gartnerrecommends by way of their little magic eight-ball/quadrant/revenue-box(which, for the bargain price of ~$250/hour, Gartner will kindly designand deploy for you--because they're nice people).

I see that Gartner Research are dismissing Snort as a "Niche Player" in their recent report "Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection Systems, 2H03". Has anybody else read this report?, and if so, what is your opinion? Regards