Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall Review and Product Details

As technology advances, it has become more important than ever before not only to be able to connect but also for people to have a high level of cybersecurity. A new edge is needed to ensure the security of critical assets.

Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall Review & Product Details

Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall

Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall is a proven and effective network security system that you can easily install on all clients. This product can guarantee strong protection against all forms of malware.

Forcepoint Next Gen Firewall can combine true world-class SD-WAN, advanced intrusion prevention, and effortless integration with cloud-based SASE security, ensuring the security of people’s data worldwide.

It’s specifically designed to eliminate the complexity and time required to run a network securely and smoothly. Network operations teams are often tasked with the challenge of distributing new firewalls, updating policies, and monitoring network activity.

Some of the perks many users can enjoy when they use Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall include:

  • Proactively discover any form of advanced threat
  • Ensure the people and data are kept safe with a human-centric path to SASE security
  • Ensure the protection of distributed enterprises and government agencies by adopting secure branch networking and SD-WAN

Zero-Touch Deployment

Forcepoint NGFW can be deployed to branch locations and remote offices without needing an on-site technician, saving money and time. With this in mind, devices can automatically download their initial configuration from Installation Cloud, eliminating any need for a manual setup.

Smart Policies, 1-Click Updates

Forcepoint NGFW is well-designed to deliver a low cost of ownership. Forcepoint’s Smart Policies exposes business processes to essential terms, including applications, users, locations, and more.

It is also possible to replace hardcoded values through easy grouping. This makes it possible for policies to be reused dynamically throughout a network. As a result, administrators can quickly update the affected firewalls with just a click.

High Availability that Eliminates Network Downtime

Forcepoint NGFW is software that is equipped from the ground up to always stay on, even when unforeseen situations happen. Resilience is defined as the ability to ensure that machines that are going offline can be handled. This ability is designed at all levels, including networks, firewalls, and management.

With this in mind, it must be stressed that Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall is capable of removing the need for downtime, which can improve the continuity of your business while ensuring that the business can run smoothly.

Exceptional Security that Significantly Reduces Theft, Not Performance

Forcepoint NGFW is designed with a great variety of security capabilities that can ensure that you are freed from juggling various products or carrying out administrative duties in various places. Besides this, security appliances can be repurposed into various roles, which can extend the lifetime of the infrastructure.

Forcepoint Security Management Center makes it possible to implement various types of security to different connections by an organization, application, or location without compromising network performance.

Advanced Firewall Clustering that Stays Running

It is possible to distribute Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewalls in groups, which are regarded as clusters. This keeps the network running, irrespective of where there is a service disruption in any device. It is possible to mix different models to lengthen the current device’s lifetime.

Advanced Malware Detection and Sandboxing

Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall adopts the use of multiple scanning techniques for files that are present in network traffic. These include built-in anti-malware scanning, reputation vetting, and Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection service.

This robust cloud-based system adopts effective sandboxing and other analytical techniques to evaluate how files behave while detecting all forms of malicious codes, making it possible to have them blocked.

Zero-Downtime Updates and Software Upgrades

You can make use of Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall to update firewall security policies without the need to go offline.

It is also possible to respond to security incidents without necessarily compromising connectivity. The Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall can also upgrade device software effortlessly without waiting for service windows.

Reliable Protection Against Intrusions

When it comes to defending against advanced evasion techniques, Forcepoint is the leader. The product’s complete protocol of normalization of traffic breaks up attempts from attackers to sneak in any form of malicious code while also preventing all attempts to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the network.

Forcepoint Promotes Higher Business Productivity

Forcepoint network solutions are well-equipped for businesses that require constant connectivity. The product provides reliable data access, which a distributed workforce needs to promote innovation.

Advantages of Using Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall

Many features of the Forcepoint next-gen firewall make the product very good. Some of these include:

  • Easy-to-install security management console
  • The product also supports Windows 10
  • Getting a management server and a log server in a single console is also possible
  • It is easy to use and understand for administrators
  • Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall can ensure the security of networks with IPS, URL filtering, and Packet filtering
  • The product can also give quick network reports and overviews to administrators
  • Cost-efficient
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Fastest way of responding to an incident
  • Zero downtime for upgrade
  • Resiliency management

Disadvantages of using Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall

  • Control can be lost from the firewall if the primary control interface link is lost
  • It is often impossible for a backup link to control the firewall
  • It does not overview details on the traffic of the links on a single chart

Alternatives to Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall

Are you contemplating alternatives to Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall? Several requirements are important to Forcepoint users before they make their purchasing decisions.

When evaluations of their preferred product are made, potential users often compare various competencies, including integration and deployment, product capabilities, and service and support systems.

1. Fortinet

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet Fortigate firewall is an innovative, well-refined SD-WAN advanced solution that promotes load balancing in regular internet traffic.

  • Businesses Now Require a Reliable Path to Cybersecurity The FortiGate next-gen firewall is a high-performance, functional network security appliance that promotes intrusion prevention while facilitating user visibility, unknown threat detection, and SSL inspection to the traditional firewall.
  • Fortinet is Integrated, Broad, and Automated The Fortinet Security Fabric combines the idea of consolidation and convergence. This provides reliable cybersecurity protection across all network edges for all devices, applications, and users.‚Äč Forcepoint also promotes Cyber-security Mesh Architecture (CSMA), an architectural approach that facilitates interoperability between different security products to achieve a more consolidated and reliable security posture. Besides this, the Fortinet Security Fabric can also eliminate complexities in operation while promoting compliance and intelligence, analytics, automation, and centralized management. This security solution can also integrate with various vendors and technologies.
  • Secure Digital Acceleration There is a growing need for scaling digital businesses while promoting the protection of distributed infrastructure. In recent times, networks are critical when it comes to innovation, and they promise to keep being the enabler for digital acceleration with the aid of network modernization. Fortinet’s Secure Networking tackles significant challenges by combining AI-driven security with modern networking technologies. This helps organizations strengthen their security while also helping them to deliver a better user experience.
  • Fortinet’s Networking is Driven by Security The security-driven networking of Fortinet is the only converged security and networking platform in the industry. It is capable of defending highly-dynamic environments besides promoting top productivity. Through digital acceleration, there has been rapid and pronounced expansion of attack surfaces, as well as the inception of new network edges, such as WAN, LAN, 5G, and many more. There is a unified offering that is readily available with effective deployment models while creating a better user experience.

SD-WAN and LTE/5G for WAN Transformation

Fortinet is focused on delivering scalable, fast, and versatile SD-WAN, which helps security-sensitive businesses.

The networking approach combines Next-Gen Firewall and SD-WAN, as well as advanced routing, which can offer a better and more secure user experience.

Through FortiGate, you can enjoy an LTE/5G and SD-WAN controller without additional cost to enjoy immediate ROI.

Consistent and Reliable Web Security at all Times

Fortinet Secure Web Gateway delivers security that is profoundly reliable in defense. This includes DNS Security, web filtering, antivirus, anti-botnet, inline CASB, data loss prevention, SSL inspection, and more. With this, it becomes easier to achieve more secure internet access and reliable private access. Furthermore, the entire infrastructure can enjoy a consistent web security posture.

2. Cisco

Cisco Secure Firewall

Through Cisco’s secure firewall, it is possible to achieve a zero-trust posture. The product is also cost-effective for micro-segmentation, network, and app security. With Cisco, enterprises can convert intent into action. You can merge policy across various environments while focusing on what is essential. With security resilience, you can create the right plan to tackle threats while saving time with automation. You can also achieve better visibility, as well as control encrypted traffic.

Consistent Security at all Times

The product offers reliable threat inspection and security across various data centers and software-defined networks.

With advanced threat capabilities, you boost micro-segmentation, which can offer protection against network intrusions. Cisco also supports Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi.

Supreme Threat Awareness

Cisco Talos is regarded by many as the largest threat Intelligence team across the globe. As a result, it consists of exceptional researchers and engineers.

The world-class visibility ensures quick detection and reliable security for users against formidable threats.

Scalable, High-Performance Security

With a scalable VPN, a secure web connection can be achieved. You can also examine encrypted traffic and discover and block intrusions in the network by using next-gen IPS while promoting protection against all forms of malware and adopting URL filtering.

Centralized Management and Deep Visibility

The deep visibility of the product into data, applications and users offers effective policy management, as well as automated risk ranking and impact flags.

This reduces event volume, which ensures that it is possible to focus on threats quickly and initiate action. Besides this, you can share context, intelligence, and policies across various security solutions.

3. Juniper

Juniper Firewall

Juniper is a next-generation firewall capable of modernizing your perimeter while ensuring that it is more adaptable as new threats rise.

This network represents a supreme manufacturer of reliable and professional security solutions. The innovative VPN solution they provide promotes unconditional, unrivaled security with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

Reliable Security

The Juniper Connected Security suite of products is perfect for intelligence, network visibility, and policy enforcement. Juniper is also designed with advanced threat detection and prevention, as well as threat intelligence and security analytics, which enables security to be extended to all points of connection on the network.

With Juniper’s next-gen virtual and physical firewalls, you can ensure the protection of your network edge, cloud applications, and data center. You can achieve protection against known and unforeseen threats. Besides this, you can also detect IoT risks and evaluate encrypted traffic.

Scalable Network security Tailored Toward Public and Private Clouds

In recent times, Juniper has emerged to become an effective solution that can promote control, visibility, and prevention at the network edge. Total visibility into what and who roams around the network initiates protection against threats.

Combining this with the ability to sense threats in real-time, Juniper can offer an effective Next-Gen Firewall, which can protect applications, users, and devices.

What do People Like About Juniper’s Next-Gen Firewall?

Juniper has gained global appeal thanks to some benefits it provides.

  • Policy enforcer
  • Secure analytics SIEM
  • Provides advanced threat intelligence and prevention
  • Offers advanced application, visibility, and control
  • Provides SSL inspection

What can be Improved

  • The GUI is basic and needs improvement.
  • Technical support can be lacking. This implies that Tier 1 support often has to escalate to the next group.
  • It can be difficult sometimes to get acquainted with how to upgrade the firmware from the CLI through TFTP through the docs