We are using SQL Server and Access for a database application. Database
access is via ODBC.
The application was functioning correctly since appr. 2 years – but suddenly
we get the >>error 3151 “ODBC–connection to <…> failed”<<

This error is only raised by one function in VBA (when archiving the
records): Everytime when copying records from one SQL-Server database
(active) to another SQL-Server database (archive) first everything works fin
for about 1 min 30 sec. Then there’s a pause of about 20 secs. Then I get th
error described above. Both databases are hosted on a single SQL server. The
archiving process uses transactions.

After a while the ODBC connection seems to recover.

— Software:
Access 2002 (I don’t know the exact version right now)
SQL Server 2000 (8.00.760 – SP3)
ODBC Driver version 2000.86.1830.00 (25.03.2005)

— Data Quantities:
– Archive table (appr. 100000 records + sub-tables. In total appr. 500000
– Active table (appr. 500 records + sub-tables)

Any help would be appreciated.



No solution yet. So I do a work-around. I have implemented a mechanism which
catches the error and does a retry for several times.
This is not very satisfying, I admit, but actually it works.

I have not tested ADO recordsets up to now.