In a Visual Basic 6 program, I have the statement :
Set objIISWebService = GetObject(“IIS://LOCALHOST/W3SVC”)

When I run this program on a Windows 2000 server, I receive the “Permission
Denied” message. I have the right “Power user” on this server.

When I run the same program on a Windows 2000 Workstation with Power user
right, the program is running well.

Which permission I must set on the server to run the program ?



The best way to trouble shoot this issue is to use
http://www.sysinternals.com filemon and regmon tools.
Start a capture of logs in these 2 tools and re-pro the issue and then stop
the capture and search for ACCESS DENIED in the log files.

If you find a line which says ACCESS DENIED, there will be also information
about which file and which user needs permission.
It might be most probably IWAM_<computername> account.

If it shows permission denied for registry keys you can use regedt32.exe to
configure permissions. Use regedit if its windows 2003.

Also check the following article
271071 HOW TO: Set Basic NTFS Permissions for IIS 5.0