prtg review

PRTG is an All-around tool and Software suite for Network Monitoring, Management, Analysis and more! Its has many facets to its capabilities and features, and its been around for a long time.

We’re going to Review PRTG and see what it has to offer!

Network Errors, Connectivity problems, and Perimeter threats will always be present and if your business is to succeed, you’ll need to ensure that all of them are being taken cared of as they occur.

That’s precisely what a Network Management and Monitoring software like PRTG by Paessler will do for you.

In this guide, we’re going to explore what it’s capable of doing and as well as discover what it can offer towards improving and maintaining your business’ IT infrastructure.

What is PRTG?

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that offers a fresh approach to the overall process of managing and getting network problems solved so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor provides a comprehensive monitoring tool that is able to produce the best experience for every user.

There’s very few other network monitoring software out there that can do what PRTG is capable.

From ease of use to visibility and scalability, this tool just works as it is supposed to with consistency and impressive results every time!


PRTG Pricing (Free & Paid Plans)

Below we’ll look at some of the pricing model that PRTG has and how it compares to the rest of the field.

They do have a Free Trial that gives you access to monitoring 10 Sensors to give you a preliminary start at the program and how it works.




    • PRTG 500: From $1,600
    • PRTG 1000: $2,850
    • PRTG 2500: $5,950
    • PRTG 5000: $10,500
    • PRTG XL1: $14,500
    • PRTG XL5: $60,000
    • PRTG PLUS: Contact the Vendor


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Plenty of Other Sensor Types


  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises
  • Freelance


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian
  • Portuguese


  • Free
  • Annual Subscription
  • Quote-based


  • Open API
  • Cloud-Hosted
  • On-Premise

PRTG Review – Benefits & Features

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that combines Cloud monitoring, NetFlow analysis, auto-discovery, VMware Monitoring, Database monitoring, and Network monitoring in one easy-to-use suite.

It can be used for almost every type of monitoring environment that your business network infrastructure might need.

1. Timely Remediation Through Flexible Alerts

PRTG is rich in features that are designed to make the task of monitoring your business IT infrastructure with ease.

The built-in technologies that it has includes push, email, triggering HTTP requests, and play alarm audio files.

If deployed on-premise, it is able to execute EXE files and as well as send SMS text alerts.

It also offers free push notifications that help administrators and other concerned personnel to stay updated of what’s happening with the network even from their mobile device(s).

The PRTG API is also available for those who would want to write their own notifications.

2. Fail-over and Redundancy Features

PRTG ensures that everything is on the safe side to avoid being sorry in the long run.

The failover tolerant monitoring feature that it has is included in every on-premise PRTG license.

This means that handling is automatic for different fail-over situations so when a particular node is down or not connected to the network, a similar node would quickly take over all of its responsibilities and that includes notifying the concerned personnel or staff.

3. Multiple GUI’s for Users

Aside from having the PRTG Desktop App which serves as PRTG’s native application, it also boasts a web interface that is fully featured and is based with the high-security standards of AJAX.

Single Page Application (SPA) also performs great as it adjusts to your system using its responsive design.

If you want to also be able to monitor things even on your mobile device, there’s no need to worry because PRTG has an app for both Android and iOS.

Every available interface makes use of SSL secured remote and local access which are allowed to be used simultaneously.

4. Distributed Monitoring

Another advantage that you’ll get when using PRTG is its capability that allows for distributed monitoring.

This means that you can keep an eye on different networks that your company might have such as LAN and DMZ for instance.

That task is handled by PRTG Remote Probes which is a unique feature that we have not seen in other brands of network management suites.

The hosted version of PRTG also makes use of remote probing to make sure that your LAN is up and running all the time. All these while you’re enjoying an overview in one of your core PRTG installation.

5. Network Maps and Detailed Dashboards

PRTG allows you to visualize your network with the use of live status information that is laid on real-time Network maps.

And it is also possible to create your own dashboards using the map designer feature and then have it customized by integrating different map objects for every device or network component that you have in your network.

There are 300 different map objects to choose from which you can use to represent every one of your devices and assign status icons for different troubles that might occur.


PRTG is rich with features that are designed to make your business network more efficient in doing what it is supposed to do. And when the network is doing great, the business will also start to perform better.

Monitoring, alerting, and remediation work hand-in-hand to ensure high-quality service for every customer and if that’s what you’re looking for, PRTG should be one of your top options. Below, you’ll find the list of features that make this tool one of the best network monitor in the market at present.

  • PRTG Desktop App
  • App for iOS and Android
  • SSL-Secured Remote and Local Access
  • Single Page Application (SPA) Technology
  • Failover Tolerant Monitoring
  • PRTG Map Designer
  • PRTG Remote Probes
  • On-Demand reports
  • Reports Scheduler (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • History Records and Exporting via HTML, PDF, CSV, or XML files
  • Specific Monitoring Data
  • Flexible Alerting
  • Push Notifications
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Database Monitoring
  • VMWare Monitoring
  • Amazon Cloudwatch Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • NetFlow Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • AutoDiscovery
  • Intuitive Dashboard

PRTG Plans and Pricing

PRTG offers a 30-day trial period for those who want to test the waters first before diving into it.

The free trial gives access to all of the premium features that PRTG has to offer so you can find out if it really has what you need or not.

If you don’t purchase a license after 30 days, your free trial plan will automatically revert to the free license plan which has 100 available sensors.

In case you need more than that then you can easily upgrade to any of the commercial versions that we’ve listed above.