Exchange 2003 SP2 FE/BE Configuration
exesrvexch1 = FE
exesrvexch2 = BE

I can’t find anything regarding this error, it shows up in the event logs
when the users click send/recieve on their windows mobile devices.

Based Authentication is enabled on the frontend with SSL.
– Gabe

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Server ActiveSync
Event Category: None
Event ID: 3005
Date: 4/24/2006
Time: 1:31:22 PM
User: INQUERY\gmatteson
Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [exesrvexch2.mydomain]
User: [gmatteson@imydomain.biz] HTTP status code: [400]. Verify that
Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at




I fixed mine with a very simple change. I don’t know why Microsoft
doesn’t document this anywhere. I have really wasted a lot of time and
effort in it.

The fix for this problem is to remove anything you have in the host
header value from the properties of Default Web Site. I had the
Exchange server NetBios name in it before removing it.

1. Go to properties of Default Web Site
2. Under Web Site, click on Advanced of the IP Address
3. Highlight the IP address and select Edit
4. Remove anything you can see in there. I have tried to put in the
FQDN in it which solved my ActiveSync problem but OMA stopped working.