I installed a Visual dBase runtime application on a Windows XP Pro system with 1 gig of memmory and receive the following message when I try to run it:

“Visual dBase runtime has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

The details show the program is vdb7run.exe application

This application works fine on XP Home/Pro systems with 512mb of memory and on my XP home system with 1 gig of memory.

I also want to add to the above post that Visual dBase 7.5 runs fine on this system. It is only the runtime portion that won’t run.



Yep. Visual dBASE 7.0 had a RAM issue where there was a rather odd
artificial upper limit on the amount of RAM set in the code. The only
solutions are:

a) remove memory down to 512 MB
b) stop using this OLD, VERY ANTIQUATED version of dBASE …
c) Upgrade to the current versions which fix tons of the bugs in 7.0 ….



I am using version 7.5 of Visual dBase. I just realized my original post only referenced version 7. Sorry about that. Did VDB 7.5 fix the memory size issue?

Visual dBase 7.5 runs on this computer just fine. Only the runtime application fails to start.



Make sure you have the 7.5 runtime installed. If you still have the 7.0
runtime, that would cause problems.



Mystery solved. The runtime program in my exe was compiled under 7.0. I removed it and installed 7.5 and all is well. Thanks for your assistance.

Also, the first dBase program I purchased and used was dBase II Multiuser. It wasn’t around for long but I still have it.

Thanks for your assistance.