Author of “The Art of Assembly Language” Offers First Volume in Series
Providing Expert Advice on Writing Software

October 6, 2004, San Francisco – No Starch Press today announced the
publication of a second title from programming expert Randall Hyde. “Write
Great Code: Understanding the Machine” should be on the required reading
list for anyone who wants to develop terrific code in any language without
having to learn assembly language. This title is the first installment in
an anticipated multi-volume series that will help programmers make wiser
choices with respect to programming statements and data types when writing

Today’s computing industry moves so rapidly, many programmers do not
receive adequate training. “Write Great Code: Understanding the Machine”
(No Starch Press, October ’04) teaches important concepts of machine
organization in a language-independent fashion, so that users can become
accomplished assembly programmers without going through the time-intensive
process of mastering assembly language.

“This is one of those subjects that has needed to be addressed for a very
long time,” said author Hyde. “No one can become a great programmer
without this stuff.” Hyde demonstrates in his book that the art of writing
efficient programs has not been forgotten.

The book’s sections on computer architecture and input/output will be
especially useful to working programmers. The three subsequent volumes in
the Write Great Code series will focus on “Thinking Low-Level, Writing
High-Level”; “Engineering Software”; and “Testing, Debugging, and Quality

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Randall Hyde is the author of “The Art of Assembly
Language” (No Starch Press), one of the most highly recommended resources
on assembly. He is also the co-author of The Waite Group’s “MASM 6.0
Bible.” He has written for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Byte, as well as
professional journals.

“Write Great Code: Understanding the Machine” by Randall Hyde
October 2004, 440 pp., $39.95, ISBN 1-59327-003-8
Available at fine bookstores everywhere, from www.oreilly.com/nostarch, or
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