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Network management is an important aspect of every business and getting a Network Monitoring software that truly works can be a hurdle because of the high costs in plans and pricing.

But not all network management suites come with a price tag.

There are others that are happy to serve businesses without asking anything in return.

zabbix dashboard

That’s where Zabbix belong.

It’s a network monitoring software that is of the enterprise-grade and it works for any IT infrastructure, services, applications, and resources.

It’s been crafted to work in real-time on servers, network devices, and even on virtual machines gathering metrics from millions of these network nodes.

Zabbix is an open-source solution that’s designed for those who have a big network to manage but doesn’t have that much to spend.

Its tools and resources make it possible for collecting and analyzing performance through metrics and statistics that can be visualized while sending notifications alerts and notifications on issues that are currently happening and those impending ones so solutions can be deployed promptly.

It serves different businesses in the field of IT & telecommunication, education, banking & finance, government, marketing, healthcare & medicine, energy & chemical, and thousands of other business with its expertly developed platform.

Zabbix works perfectly on both small business environments to large ones and it automatically scales in each one so the devices that need to be monitored are covered.

Some of the key features that it has include auto-discovery, advanced problem detection, intelligent alerting & remediation, automated collection of metrics, and distributed monitoring.






  • Web-based


  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises


  • English
  • Japanese


  • Free


  • Open API

Benefits in Using Zabbix

Benefits of Zabbix

Zabbix is a powerful but really affordable solution for those who are looking to score on an open-source network management system that works for businesses of different sizes.

It’s a tool that’s free for every user and it features an open-source platform with a source code that can be accessed freely.

There are no vendor lock-ins like other network management suites.

Below are some of the benefits that you can get when you choose Zabbix as your business network management suite:

1. Easy Setup and Configuration

  • Guarantees a low learning curve in the process of installing and configuring the tool
  • ¬†Out-of-the-box templates for the most popular platforms are available so making the Zabbix work is pretty easy

2. Comprehensive Network Monitoring

Dashboard config

via Zabbix.com

  • Monitors everything in the network with its reliable tools and features
  • Monitoring includes CPUs, computers, routers, servers, IT applications, databases, and every node or network components that can be assigned an IP address.

3. Infrastructure Management Capabilities

web monitoring view

  • Zabbix Agent is the heart of the solution featuring rich network management features
  • Network monitoring tools that help in planning for expansion of capacity
  • Network utilization metrics that are useful in strategizing future actions to further grow or perform better in certain aspects of the business

4. Notification & Remediation

notifications zabbix

  • A unique and powerful module works by sending notifications and employing remediation through automatic actions
  • All-inclusive flow of communication from sending notifications to the escalation of these notifications to the right technical or management staff
  • Allows the acknowledgment of received notifications to eliminate double deployment of solutions and enable quick actions
  • Users can create and customize the content of notifications based on the needed action or pertinent staff or department
  • Send those notifications via email, SMS, Jabber, EZ texting, and allows the use of custom scripts

5. Zabbix Web Front-End

dark dashboard view zabbix

  • A unique feature that makes Zabbix unique from the other network management tools with its easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Comes with the default platform and supports clearly presented visualization
  • Large-scale features for configuration without being intimidating to beginners
  • Helps in presenting an overview of the overall IT environment in an easy to understand way including widget-based boards, graphs, slideshows, and drill-down reports

Zabbix is truly an affordable yet powerful tool for monitoring your business network and IT infrastructure and it can even compete with some of the paid tools in the market.

Now, let’s get into the overview of its features so you can easily compare it to the other network management systems that you’ve got shortlisted in your top choices.

Zabbix Features

Zabbix Benefits

You may think that Zabbix is nowhere to be compared with the top paid network management systems out there but you’re mistaken.

This tool has all the needed features for monitoring both small and large business IT infrastructures out there and it is able to fight head to head with both performance and functionality.

zabbix dash

The list below shows the features that Zabbix has:

  • Zabbix API
  • Security and Authentication
  • Metric Collection
  • Effortless Deployments
  • Different Visualization of Useful Data
  • Problem Detection
  • Auto-discovery
  • Notification and Remediation
  • Distributed Monitoring

With these features, Zabbix is able to maintain a good reputation among users and clients from different fields and it continues to improve to provide better and more efficient network and IT infrastructure management.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s already the perfect management system that will cater to all your needs.

It’s still a wise move to also look into the other software tools and management system applications out there so you can find the best match for your kind of business.

Zabbix’s positive reviews and thousands of subscribers does not automatically mean that it’s the best software to choose.

Take time to read through what other users can say about it.

You can do so by searching for some reviews on the Internet.

Don’t just invest blindly on something just because it’s popular or it’s got plenty of accolades from other users.

Spending some time researching or even testing the software’s free trial would help you in this stage.

Now that you know a bit more about Zabbix, let’s get into one of the most important things that almost every potential client, user, or subscriber wants to know and it is the price!

How much will it cost you to use Zabbix and how does the price compare to the other network management systems and applications that are available in the market?

We’re going to answer that next so just keep reading!

Zabbix Plans and Pricing


There’s actually not much detail to write in this section but a very short word which actually spells very good news to every user.

Yes! Zabbix is 100% free so there are no subscription fees, licenses or enterprise plans to pay for.

You can enjoy all the benefits and features that we’ve listed above FREE OF CHARGE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

But in case you need more features and other advanced functionalities to help in effectively managing your business’ entire IT infrastructure, we’ve listed ten (10) of the best Zabbix alternatives that you can try and that is what we’re going to learn next!


Zabbix is a great option those small businesses who don’t have that much budget to pay for the premium network management systems.

Zabbix is one of the top free network management systems out there and it has a lot of capabilities that it has to offer.

Try it today and see how great it works in helping you manage your business network without having to spend a dime.


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