The Verdict

Golden Frog, a Swiss-based software company provides us with their own brand of VPN service which they named VyprVPN.

It is one of the VPN services in the industry that has been around for a long time. Both their client software and server base are managed by the company itself which means that they don’t use any third-party company to keep the service up and running.

For this reason, they are able to provide great server connections and uptime along with a guarantee on unlimited bandwidth and other innovative tools and features.

VyprVPN prides itself for being able to provide users with a unique protocol of connection which they call “Chameleon”.

Chameleon essentially allows users to bypass any form of restriction by scrambling metadata.

So those who are often a victim of malware sites will be able to avoid them as VyprVPN will help prevent redirections with its built-in VyprVPN protection feature.

A feature called VyprVPN cloud also allows users to manage their own VPN network. Secure and quick routing of connections is also made possible by a vast group of server locations.

Yes! they have servers located across 70 countries with over 200,000 IP addresses available for use.

The software also works for a wide variety of devices that run different operating system editions.

Subscription costs $5 for the monthly plan but you have the option to try the service first with their 3-day trial.


  • Unique Chameleon Protocol
  • Fast Speeds
  • VyprDNS feature
  • VyprVPN Cloud
  • Offers some Business Solutions


  • Few Africa servers available
  • Offers no refunds

The Features

VyprVPN would always emphasize that they don’t commission any third party service to keep the VPN up and running.

Where other VPN service providers seek help from providers and open-source clients, VyprVPN chooses to use their self-developed software and maintains their own server networks that are located in different locations around the world.

Their software client is really a delight to use. It displays certain useful information such as the VPN setting and a diagram which shows the data flow progress.

There is also an option which allows users to choose either to get automatically connected with the fastest servers or manually select from a list which displays information such as server status and other useful details.

The settings and options menu is made simple too with each feature explained in brief so that novice users will be able to understand what the features are used for.

The company ensures that its software, tools, and codes are developed in-house along with server management which results in the fastest connections even for users who only have the free version.

The Chameleon Protocol

VyprVPN ensures that its users have access to the servers that offer the best connection.

And it secures these connections with only the top security protocol features to protect the user’s privacy. It is possible to choose between PPTP which offers fast connections but very minimal safety points and OpenVPN which is best for desktop device users.

L2TP is also available for both mobile and desktop users.

But it seems like all these are not enough because VyprVPN has developed a new protocol that is called Chameleon which is based on 256-bit encryption of the OpenVPN technology along with an exciting twist.

Chameleon works by scrambling the metadata so it would become unrecognizable even to VyprVPN and other tracking methods that involve deep packet inspections.

Even with these heavy processes, the speed virtually remains the same and you’ll be able to bypass censorship and other restrictions implemented by governments such as the ones imposed by China as well as those that exist in ISPs and corporations.

VyprVPN Cloud

It was previously named VyprVPN Server but has now evolved with its new name already being VyprVPN Cloud.

This feature is primarily aimed at businesses who are wanting to make VyprVPN and the software and tools that they have to be managed in one server network owned by the business or company itself along with that which is owned by Golden Frog.

This feature allows one to use VyprVPN along with Amazon Web Services, and other platforms like VirtualBox and others and you’ll be able to use and handle VPN connections within them just like you would do with VyprVPN.

With this, it will be possible to use VyprVPN Business Cloud in running a dedicated VPN server and as well as IP with the use of VyprVPN apps on both desktop and mobile devices.


Helping you to surpass DNS filtering which is often being used by Public Wi-Fi networks, VyprDNS keeps you and your data safe and secure from any third-party service that tries to intercept requests done through DNS in order to get you redirected to a malware website.

It takes down DNS censorship effectively while making sure that tour identity is protected through the VPN all at the same time. VyprDNS works within the same secure network of servers that are being used by the company which operates under their “zero-knowledge policy”.

This means that there are no logs being stored and it’s easy to take advantage of both the services and its functionalities at the same time.

VPN Network

A VPN service will not be able to offer good coverage with great speeds without a network of servers spread across the world.

And this is one of VyprVPN’s strengths where the company made sure that they have a network that is well-developed and are located in strategic worldwide locations.

You can find several clusters of servers in Asia, Europe, North, and South America, and even in Oceania along with servers in Africa in countries like Algeria and Egypt which adds to the servers that are located in the Middle East.

These are very rare additions which other VPN service providers don’t have. VyprVPN offers servers across 70 different countries aside from popular locations like the UK, USA, Hong Kong, and Australia.

With these, you’ll be able to hide your identity and disguise as someone who is browsing from exotic locations such as Dubai, San José, Vilnius, Warsaw, Mumbai, and even Bangkok.

The large group of servers would mean that users will have access to over 200,000 IP addresses that will help disguise the real one.

With the fact that VyprVPN does not impose any restrictions with bandwidth, switching connection from one country to the other is going to be an endless possibility.

After testing speed for three different locations, we were able to see that VyprVPN really maintains good connection quality.

Switzerland is the one that returned the fastest connection but the Miami server didn’t really lag much behind.

Because of the large distance and the fact that the Vietnam server had heavy traffic during our testing, the results were a bit slower but was still acceptable.

How It Protects Your Privacy

Data privacy is something that VyprVPN really takes seriously. They ensure that this is done by using encryption codes that are complex.

They use 256-bit coding for this but that’s not the only option because PPTP is also available but it can only handle 128-bit encryption.

This is a number that’s quite low especially because other VPN service providers boast about having 4096-bit type encryption.

But it is important to note that the higher the level of coding that is used, the slower the connection and data transfer would be.

The strength of VyprVPN is on the speed of connection that it is able to provide which works perfectly even for streaming HD videos and other content.

Most users are already contented with 256-bit coding as it is already able to provide protection for personal data and prevents theft by certain malicious software.

It’s also worth noting that the company owns and controls all of the servers that they use to keep the VPN service up and running which means that there are no third-party companies that are taking part in handing confidential user data.

The other plans that VyprVPN has also supports NAT Firewall which means that it is capable of blocking inbound traffic that has not been requested whenever your device is connected to one of VyprVPN’s many servers.

This is very useful especially if you’re connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi routers.

Operating System and Device Support

VyprVPN can run on a wide variety of devices and operating system editions. They offer access to the VPN service using the free desktop applications that are designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For mobile devices, VyprVPN is able to run on iOS and Android devices using their own unique applications.

Aside from this, Golden Frog also developed solutions for manually setting up VyprVPN for different devices making the service fully support Android TV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, and OpenELEC/Kodi.

It is also possible to get your entire home network protected because VyprVPN created a software program that is meant to be used on routers that run on Tomato MIPS/ARM architecture.

This allows the extension of the secured connection to every device that you have at home including those that are used for automation and entertainment like game consoles for instance.

It doesn’t matter which platform it is that you’re using because VyprVPN is able to provide a reliable connection and the whole installation process is fast and easy.

Both Android and iOS apps are loaded with features that are designed to make life easier for users.

The software client just runs quietly in the background fighting the threats that prey on personal data and other private information that you give off while using the Internet.

In case there are problems in the connection that causes it to drop, the program automatically connects the user the soonest time possible so there will be no further problems.

Moreover, the VPN service just starts by itself when a connection to an unrecognized wireless network gets established. The encryption of data and other information starts right then and there.


The company implements straightforward pricing to their VPN service. There are two options that are available which includes a plan that is billed on a monthly basis and another one which goes to as long as one year.

The monthly plan allows you to have more control when it comes to the time that you’re willing to commit using the service while the annual plan gives you the best value with its reasonable discount.

Just remember that after paying, there will be no chance of turning back because VyprVPN doesn’t have a refund policy on their plans.

Canceling your subscription before the plan period ends will not result in any refund so it is best to just use it fully until the service expires.

If you want to try the service first without any risk, you can take advantage of its free trial version which doesn’t cost anything.

You’ll just need to go through a short registration process then you’ll get VyprVPN free for three days without any restriction or limitation on any aspect of the service.

After using up the trial period, you will be asked if you want to continue with any of the paid subscription plans that are available where you’ll enjoy OpenVPN 160/256-bit, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols of encryption aside from being able to use NAT Firewall and VyprDNS security features.

The basic plan is called VyprVPN and it offers up to 3 simultaneous connections using a single account along with unlimited data usage.

It costs $9.95 which isn’t as cheap as the monthly plans of other VPN services out there.

If you choose to go for the annual plan, the cost will be discounted at only $60 a year or just $5 a month which is a big price drop compared to the shorter monthly subscription period.

An option that will help you get into stealth mode is also available in the form of the richest offer that the company has which they call VyprVPN Premium.

This allows up to five simultaneous to the VPN service with added access to the Chameleon protocol and VyprVPN Cloud features.

The company recommends this plan for users who are residing in countries with strict Internet access restrictions and those VPN power users who want access to even more stuff!

The premium plan costs $80 a year or just $6.67 per month which is perfect for those who think that the $12.95 monthly premium subscription is way too much.

Going monthly would cost $155.40 which is way too high compared to going on an annual premium plan subscription.

Users who want more customization options and getting access to VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol should consider getting this plan to fully enjoy all of the VPN’s premium features.

Lastly, VyprVPN also offers seasonal discounts of up to 25% off from the regular price so be sure to check their website time and again to take advantage of their regular promotions.

Customer Support

The company ensures that its customer’s problems are being solved and they do so in a diligent manner.

A live chat is available 24/7 on their website to help you with any type of trouble that you fall into while using the service.

There is also an option to do ticket submission if you want to ask help and get an even detailed answer.

In the test questions and support submissions that we sent to these customer support channels, we’ve seen that their support agents are knowledgeable enough and were able to provide the right answers in a relatively quick response time.

It is also worth mentioning that the company’s FAQs page has the right answers to all the basic questions though it doesn’t have everything in there.

Both VyprVPN and the company itself, Golden Frog have an established presence on Twitter and Facebook where they regularly post articles on news and other updates about the company and the VPN service.

We admire how their website is structured well with some details being shown in the right sections to quickly catch the visitor’s attention.

Providing such information upfront truly is impressive even for users who are just curious in learning what the VPN service can offer.

Final Say

VyprVPN’s innovative features along with the reliable connection that it provides have caused it to rightfully earn is reputation.

There’s a large number of IPs that are available except for Africa which isn’t really an issue because of the good number of servers that VyprVPN has in its network.

We also love the added features like the Chameleon Protocol and VyperDNS which are both working very well in our tests while running together with the IP routing capability.

The service is also capable of fighting harmful redirections and as well as unlocks blocked content.

Most operating system editions and devices are also supported which are given their own software clients that have been developed by the company itself.

The standard plan that VyprVPN has us priced at $5 a month for the annual period and is already a good deal for users who are looking for basic VPN features.

Going for the advanced features will add $1.67 to the regular monthly price but will offer the Chameleon protocol and VyprDNS as additional security features.

One downside with this service is the lack of a refund policy which is unfortunate for those who would want to stop using VyprVPN before their subscription period expires.

They seem to compensate this by offering the 3-day free trial version of both the basic and premium versions so users can see if it’s the VPN service that they’re looking for.

Overall, we would say that VyprVPN is a service that performs well and is really worth the try especially for pro and business users.