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Keeping you safe while doing your thing online, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are very useful tools for every netizen.

Choosing the right VPN service can be a challenging task especially in an age where worries surrounding online security and privacy is prevalent.

With over hundreds of VPNs out there, making sure that you are getting the right one actually means that you will need to sift through the ones which have the correct balance of ease of use, services, and of course, pricing.

Those who are looking for a VPN that offers a solid service need to give due diligence in finding the one that will fit their needs and preferences.

We know that this can be a hard thing to do so we made sure to search the market for the best VPN services to help narrow down your options and make the selection process a lot easier.

We also made sure that the information in this guide is regularly updated so keep checking back to learn about the latest details on each VPN service.

To help you find the Best VPN Security provider, we’ve listed the 9 Best providers for you to choose from below:

Here’s the Best 9 VPN Providers & Services in 2024:

1. ExpressVPN – Best in Unblocking and Privacy

  • Number of Available Servers: 3000+
  • Available IP Addresses: 30,000
  • Server Locations: 160
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 5


  • Large number of servers available
  • High-quality customer support
  • Different quality apps available


  • Not the cheapest one in terms of price


  • 1 Month – $12.95
  • 6 Months – $9.95
  • 12 Months – $6.67

Over the years, ExpressVPN has long been topping the list of the best VPN services and that is largely because of the great customer support that it has along with the fast connection speeds that it is able to provide.

With its 160 server locations that are spread across 94 countries, providing a solid service will not be an issue.

And adding to the overall benefit is the fact that the service is able to run on plenty of operating systems and devices.

It simply is the best VPN service out there that is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even in mobile devices like Android and iOS.

It even works with Blackberry and as well as on customer firmware routers and browser extensions making it a real all-around service.

Adding to the overall benefit are the useful tutorials which are made simple so they can easily be understood even by novice users.

With them, setting up ExpressVPN will definitely be very easy and you can get the service up and running in no time!

Tutorials include those for using P2P and the kill switch feature so you can enjoy better performance.

The only thing that we have against ExpressVPN is the fact that it only supports five connections which even though it’s already up from the three that it was previously, it still is a limitation which other users would want to be removed considering the “not so cheap” prices of their subscriptions.

Overall, ExpressVPN deserves its top spot.

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2. NordVPN – Best VPN for Security

  • Number of Available Servers: 5064
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 62
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 6


  • Maximum of 6 simultaneous connections
  • Strong and reliable performance
  • User-friendly software clients for both mobile and desktop


  • The session-logging policy isn’t so clear


  • 1 Month – $11.95
  • 12 Months – $6.99
  • 36 Months – $2.99

NordVPN is headquartered in Central Americ instead of being stationed in the world’s largest tech hub.

The main advantage that it has over its competitors is the large number of servers that it has which now over has 5,000+ that are scattered in over 60 locations around the world.

It offers support for 6 simultaneous connections which is 1 user more than ExpressVPN. They also use a strong 2048-bit encryption for added security along with features like a dedicated IP address, a kill switch, and even DNS leak protection.

Moreover, it is also possible to pay for the service using cryptocurrency which effectively hides your card number or any other sensitive financial details.

Even the most important part which is on performance, NordVPN doesn’t come short.

We have seen how it performed really well not just for short distance servers but also for those that are located in the farthest countries. And it is able to maintain great speeds for extended periods which means that the overall connection is really stable.

If there’s a negative point to NordVPN then it will be the company’s privacy policy. It has a vague stance when it comes to the logging of user sessions but they outwardly state the there is a “no-log policy” that is in effect. Overall, NordVPN is one of the best in terms of performance and speeds.

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3. IPVanish – Great VPN for Torrenting and P2P Connections

  • Number of Available Servers: 1000+
  • Available IP Addresses: 40,000+
  • Server Locations: 60+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 10


  • No tracking of traffic logs
  • Software is highly customizable
  • Good download speeds


  • No Free trial available


  • 1 Month – $7.50
  • 3 Months – $6.75
  • 12 Months – $4.87

Talking about IPVanish, the main selling point of this VPN provider is the overall quality of service that they provide.

They also claim that they’re the fastest VPN in the world providing over 40,000 IPs and more than a thousand servers that are spread across 60 countries.

IPVanish also offers unlimited traffic for P2P connections which is good for those who love using torrent.

With 10 maximum simultaneous connections allowed per account, it’s truly a VPN that’s worthy of attention.

However, if you’re quite concerned about the price then looking elsewhere would be a good idea but when it comes to features, IPVanish is going to be a serious contender. It is capable of providing fast speeds with plenty of server locations for you o choose from.

The software client is also built with novice and advanced users in mind. We just think that the latest software client could use some improvement but overall, everything is good.

IPVanish may not be the cheapest option of VPN service that you can find but with all the features that it has, you’re sure to get the value of what you’re paying for. And in case you don’t like it, you can get your money back within seven days after your purchase.

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4. Hotspot Shield – VPN Built for Online Browsing

  • Number of Available Servers: 2500+
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 25
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 5


  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Free seven days trial


  • Few servers than the other top VPNs


  • 1 Month – $12.99
  • 12 Months – $5.99
  • 36 Months – $2.99

The Elite version of Hotspot Shield is another top VPN service that one can find in the market.

It comes with all the features that a VPN should have but is offered at a much competitive price along with the ability to get a license that will last a lifetime.

It’s got a private browsing feature along with an “access all content” capability and support for up to 5 maximum number of simultaneously connected users per account.

These are Hotspot Shield’s positive points which it is able to sport against the top contenders.

When it comes to performance, this VPN service does not lack in anything except for the latency that happens on its upload and download speeds but after getting connected, the speeds just become faster.

What we want to see being changed is having more configurations made available along with even more connections.

But with the high speeds that it’s already capable of delivering while still being priced fairly, there’s very little to no reasons at all of feeling unsatisfied.

And the best thing about it is its 7-day free trial which allows potential users to try the service first before committing to pay for any of the available plans.

And just like any other VPN services out there, Hotspot Shield offers a two-year subscription which is the best one in terms of value and price.

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5. CyberGhost – Awesome Configurations with Feature-Rich Client

  • Number of Available Servers: 3000+
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 60+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 7


  • It’s got some advanced features
  • Has torrent and P2P support
  • Delivers a solid performance


  • The user interface needs improvement


  • 1 Month – $12.99
  • 12 Months – $5.9
  • 12 Months – $2.75

With its client offering a wide array of features no matter which operating system or device it is that you are using, there’s no wonder why CyberGhost was able to get over 10 million users.

It supports both Apple and Microsoft operating system editions along with Android and iOS for mobile devices.

We just think that the user interface isn’t the most user-friendly one and definitely needs some improvement but these weak points are easily covered by the great features that this VPN service has.

One that we like the most and definitely stands out amonth other features is its capability of shutting VPN out whenever a specific app gets launched.

It’s good news for those who use torrent on a regular basis because this feature has them supported on most CyberGhost servers.

When it comes to performance, this VPN is just plain solid!

There’s a free plan that has restrictions on it such as allowing just one connection at a time.

It also offers slower speeds than the paid version and there are ads in it which can be annoying sometimes.

You can use the data as much as you want and those would choose to purchase a paid subscription can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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6. Surfshark – A Fast and Fierce VPN Service

  • Number of Available Servers: 800+
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 50+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited


  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • Offers really cheap prices if you commit for longer
  • Fast speeds and reliable connection


  • There are issues in the Android app


  • 1 Month – $11.95
  • 12 Months – $5.99
  • 24 Months – $1.99

Potential customers instantly get attracted to the cheap prices that Surfshark has but that isn’t just what it has to offer.

This VPN is also capable in terms of quality of connection and features. Aside from the price, we have found that the connection speeds which this VPN provides are pretty decent.

Even for locations that are farthest from where we did the test, the speeds didn’t even slow down.

That means that Surfshark is going to be a great option if your main purpose for VPN is getting connected at back home while you are away on a holiday or business trip.

Not just that, one single account allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected simultaneously which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, Smart TVs, and even routers.

Surfshar is simple especially on its customer-facing aspect, the user interface.

In fact, it is made very simple that the more advanced users won’t have any other thing to play around within its client.

For such kind of users, we recommend getting the other VPN services listed above. However, for the basic users of VPN, Surfshark is going to be the best! It offers the IKEv2, TCP, and OpenVPN UDP protocols for security along with AES-256 encryption.

The kill switch and Private DNS features were also added. Overall, it’s a simple but powerful VPN service that’s worth every penny!

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7. TunnelBear – A Fun and Easy-To-Use VPN

  • Number of Available Servers: ~1000
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 20+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 5


  • Fun and easy to use interface
  • Wide variety of clients to choose from
  • The privacy policy is solid


  • Connection to far away servers can be slow


  • 1 Month – $9.99
  • 12 Months – $4.99
  • 24 Months – $4.17

The name TunnelBear is synonymous to ease of use. No wonder why millions of users made the choice of getting it as their VPN service provider.

The company is based in Canada and has made sure that their own brand of VPN works not just smoothly but also has a touch of fun and excitement to it.

They’ve also got plenty of software client versions for users to choose from so no matter what operating system platform you have on whatever type of device, TunnelBear is going to run in it.

They’ve implemented a hassle-free approach and the main evidence to this is the company’s website itself.

They made things very easy to understand so both beginners and experts can find their way through almost anything easily.

Yes! There’s an instruction for everyone so beginners will surely be able to use TunnelBear in no time!

They have servers spread across 20 countries and allows up to 5 simultaneous connections for a single subscription. Now that’s pretty good considering all the features that it has.

The privacy features are pretty strong and the policies are clear.

In short, they are not hiding anything from their users.

TunnelBear performed well in the tests that we conducted but we noticed that connection slowed down when done to farther server locations.

A free plan exists for this provider but we hope that its 500MB monthly limit would be made higher or totally removed if possible.

Their paid plans are cheap and offer unlimited bandwidth.

Overall, TunnelBear is a fun VPN service that delivers.

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8. Windscribe – The Unlimited Connections VPN

  • Number of Available Servers: 300+
  • Available IP Addresses: N/A
  • Server Locations: 50+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited


  • Offers an unlimited number of connected devices
  • Free plan has generous bandwidth (10GB)
  • Solid privacy policy


  • Average performance in terms of speed


  • 1 Month – $9.00
  • 12 Months – $4.08

With four native clients for different versions of Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, Windscribe is a force to reckon with in the area of VPN.

But it’s important to note that the one for Android has just been launched so it can still have a bit of issue that can cause it to be unstable.

The browser add-ons that this VPN has are built solidly in terms of performance and function.

But the strongest selling point that Windscribe has is the unlimited simultaneous connection that it supports for the paid plans that they have so it will be able to get all your devices connected at once! And that is regardless of the type of device that’s being used.

Their privacy policy is also clear which means that the company is serious about making your information truly anonymous even to them.

They’ve got a powerful Windows software client which is why Windscribe earned a spot in our top 9 VPN this year.

However, the performance can be a bit disappointing because it came to just an average level in our tests.

But overall, the 10GB month data in its Free plan makes it a great option for those who want to try using VPN for the first time.

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9. VyprVPN – Great Choice for Security

  • Number of Available Servers: 700+
  • Available IP Addresses: 200,000+
  • Server Locations: 70+
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connection: 5


  • Great performance
  • Offers competitive prices
  • An interface that’s easy to use


  • Expensive monthly plan


  • 1 Month – $9.95
  • Basic 12 Months – $2.72
  • Premium 12 Months – $3.59

Going to the last but definitely not the least VPN service in this list is VyprVPN.

It is able to stand out from the crowd because of the unlimited data offering that it offers.

The service is based in Switzerland which is actually great because it is able to take advantage of the strict privacy laws that the country has.

There are over 70 server locations available and it is equipped with advanced features like a kill switch and auto-connect capability.

Users love its intuitive interface, especially for the Windows software client. With advanced premium features called the Chameleon protocol and VyprDNS, the service is able to provide users with the next level of security and privacy while doing their usual online activities.

Refunds are not available but a three-day trial is offered for free. Just like the other VPNs above, it also has a monthly plan and two annual plans, one for Basic and the other for its Premium version. It’s a VPN service that really deserves its spot in this top 9 list.

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