I noticed a couple of posts back in October of last year relating to this, and a response from Mr. Marc Reynolds. I too have noticed that Window clients do not request option 119 (the Domain Search option).
Seeing as how Microsoft was one of the sponsors of RFC 3397, is there any idea of when MS clients will begin requesting this option so we can feed them multiple DNS search suffixes?

Well then, could you please fix http://support.microsoft.com/?id=275553 It is telling a lie, saying “You cannot configure DHCP to send out a domain suffix search list. This is a limitation of the DHCP protocol itself and not the result of limitations in any particular vendor’s DHCP implementation.” This is a limitation of MICROSOFT’s implementation. Everyone else got it right.

Hmmm..not sure why one would even need this. Even after an automated deployment of win 2000/xp, clients will ask for a valid dns server on their own after proper dhcp dns server inclusion and attach that suffix automatically. Mine did..



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