I posted a message a week or two ago regarding converting a video file to a
format that would play on my Kodak SV710 digital photo frame.
I converted my file to various formats but unfortunately none of them would
play on my frame.

However, since then I have found two important pieces of information which I
hope will enable someone to help me convert the file to a format that will
play on my frame.

Firstly I found in the manual that it will play MPEG4 videos.

Secondly, I found a file that would play on my frame (I have not converted
it) and using media software (avidmux I think) I was able to find out
information about the file.
This is what I discovered :-

Image size 352 x 288
Frame rate 25,000 fps
# of frames 746 frames
Codec 4CC MPEG
Video duration 00:00:29:840
Aspect ratio 1:1 (1:1)

Extra properties
Packed Bitstream No
Quarter Pixel No

Codec MP2
Channels MONO
Bitrate 4000 Bps / 32 kbps
Frequency 32000 Hz
Audio duration 00:00:29:952 (0 Mbytes)
VBR Not ticked

Am I right in thinking that the type of codec is 4CC?

Does anyone know of any free software I can download that can convert a file
to the same format as the information above?

For information I am using Ubuntu & Debian.

I hope you can help me.

I appreciate any help or information given.



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